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All the Adventures (Team Awesome in the Med 2016)

I’m pretty sure I’ve never titled a blog more accurately. I must have all the adventures!

This time, we took the Med by storm with loads of our awesome friends, including 10 days on the new Carnival Vista. And here we go…

(and if you just want some random tips for travelers, head right to the bottom)


Day 1 – A completely uneventful but incredibly long travel day…

It’s been a few years since our last visit to Europe and I’m always pleasantly reminded how much easier it is to fly from Canada to anywhere in the world but America (not that it’s hard, it’s more just that our main airports are kind chaotic with US customs on our own soil). We left on our midday flight to Toronto and didn’t have to touch any kind of security or customs again until we got to Athens. We had a couple of hours to kill in Toronto, so of course we had to start our holidays off right with a visit to Mill St. for some beer! Continue reading


In need of the fountain of youth, a big lottery win, and/or the TARDIS… a travel plan

Alright. I’m giving in. I hate lists. I mean I really, truly hate them. Even a grocery list feels like it’s stealing a little bit of my soul. Lists equal work and I work hard enough already.

But I’m losing track in my head and I have a lot of things I want to do and see before my adventure ends. So I’m gonna get organized and keep track. Or try to. Or try to enough without sucking the spontaneity out of adventuring in the first place.

We also seem to be collecting UNESCO sites, Olympic Parks, and beer – so they live indefinitely on the list.

Feel free to chime in with suggestions. If I’m going to make a list, it might as well be an epic one! Continue reading

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Go everywhere. Do everything. Be random.

I have one real goal in life – to live it knowing I only get one. I want to play hard, see the world, be with people who matter, eat tasty treats, and leave with no regrets whenever that time comes around.

Don’t get me wrong, I have scads of of other goals too – and despite a fervent dislike of lists – I’ll throw some of them out here to the universe at some point. Maybe you can help with them, maybe they are yours too, or maybe we’ll do them together. It’s all part of the adventure.

This blog is for me and the people who matter in my universe. It makes me feel like I am spending more time doing smart things (I love to write and my travel blog – which will likely start to exist here too – only gets updated a few times of year). It can be life and travel goal storage. It can be foolish and fun. It will contain food and creative pursuits. It can be mine to control without an interface I hate (hopefully), stupid ads that I didn’t put there, and other stuff I’ve programmed my brain to ignore.

I’m Ange… and this is my blog.

PS: Anything that appears before this post in the list has been moved over from my previous blog elsewhere.


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Luck, schmuck! Why anyone can travel more…

We’re not travelling again until January, and I feel the need to blog about something. So here goes…

I love frappuccinos... but I love travelling more!

I love frappuccinos… but I love travelling more!

I tend to try not to let things get to me… namely because they generally don’t really matter and I’m a pretty laid back sort… but I admit there’s one thing I find incredibly annoying… one simple statement…

“You’re lucky you get to travel so much.”

For starters… I don’t believe in luck. Maybe things happen for a reason, maybe they don’t, but there’s absolutely no luck involved in this equation.

Greg and I (well, I have, and Greg is awesome and accommodating, and really is only pretending he doesn’t love visiting all the places we go to) have made the conscious decision to make travelling a priority in our universe. We’ve paid for every flight we’ve taken, every hotel we’ve stayed in, every bus/train/subway/boat ride we’ve been on, and every beer we’ve drank (well, maybe not EVERY beer… we do tend to hang in groups of people who buy rounds). We’ve not won any vacations, we’ve not been sponsored by travel companies to come and visit their resort/hotel/tourist attraction in trade for a positive plug on a blog (for the record, I’m not completely adverse to this… hint, hint), we never get to travel anywhere for work, and we don’t come from old money. We haven’t sold everything we own so we can be nomads (though admittedly I do think about this pretty often), we work within the confines of the holidays we get from our day jobs, and we love every minute travelling we do. Continue reading