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NYC: Extreme Broadway Edition

When your husband tells you that he’s being sent to upstate NY for a conference, the perfect response is “I’m coming too, and we’re spending a few days in NYC to visit friends!” And so we did.


After uneventful travels and an early morning departure, we were at the airport in Jersey shortly after 10am. Our awesome friend Melissa picked us up, we found some tasty Thai food for lunch, and spent the rest of the day chilling out and catching up.

After some Cuban food for supper with Mel and Melissa, we headed out to our first Broadway show of the weekend… Come From Away. It’s based on the happenings in Gander during and after 9/11. It was outstanding. They did an amazing job finding the right balance of funny and serious, while still paying homage. I laughed, I cried. Great show. If you’re headed to NYC, go see it.


Friday we headed out to find some tasty bagels, relaxed for a bit, and then decided to check out the Museum of Natural History, since it’s one of the few major NYC tourist attractions we haven’t visited. It’s pretty interesting, but after a few hours of walking around, I don’t really find any museum all that interesting. It was pretty windy and chilly in NYC, so it was also a great break from the cold. We had a nice walk through Central Park on the way, enjoying the sun without all the buildings blocking it.


Had some beer and something to eat at some place with terrible service on the edge of Times Square, and then headed back to our hotel to meet up with Melissa. Lack of a better plan for the rest of the day and it being too cold to spend much more time randomly walking around meant more Broadway. Scored some tickets and headed off to see School of Rock. This was really cute… the “Stick It To The Man” song is super catchy, and the kids in it are amazingly talented. I’d recommend this one too.


Saturday was time to do some wandering around and hit up a vegan spot I’ve wanted to go to ages – Cinnamon Snail in the Pennsy… vegan eats and sweets. Yum! Then it was time to meet up some more of team cool kids, Michelle and Dionne, to go see Avenue Q. I have to admit, this one was not for me. The actors were super talented, but I just didn’t find it that funny. But now I’ve seen it, and the goal was to hang with friends. Paul met us after the show and it was time to find some beer… beer and eats at Jasper’s Tap House, and then some more beer at Valhalla, before calling it a night.


Sunday… more vegan eats, a matinee of In Transit with Melissa (another great show), and some eats and drinks in Hoboken. So fortunate to have been able to spend so much time catching up with friends in NYC.

Monday mostly involved sitting on a Greyhound bus headed to Albany and then Saratoga Springs. We stayed at the Embassy Suites there and it’s AWESOME!. Hit Druthers Brewing for eats and beers and wandered around a bit.


Tuesday we both worked… very exciting. In the evening, we went to a social gathering at a Broadway producer’s place (also the host of Greg’s conference), and then more working. Wednesday, more working, though I briefly went out and explored the town since it was sunny and nice out for a change. Had supper at a place called Hattie’s –


Thursday, working in the morning and then time to head home. Cab to Albany airport, some sitting around, first plane late leaving, made up the time in the air enough that we just caught our second flight from Washington to Montreal (I do sooo love flying away from where I live all the time to get home)… something to eat in Montreal and then flew home. A long but uneventful travel day. And even though it was cold, it was very nice to not see any snow for a week. And more importantly, it was awesome getting to see some of our friends.


We’re not sure what’s next… but I think it needs to be warm because I need a snow reprieve.

Ange out.


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Ramshackle mansion, the big apple, rainbows, and unicorns…

Last adventure of the year, and here’s how it went…

ramshackle_mansionDay 1 – En route to Ramshackle Mansion…

Woke up in the wee hours of the morning, drove to the airport in our city (mark it on a calendar, we got to fly from home for a change, without having to remortgage the house), flew to Montreal, had breakfast and coffee, flew to NY, arrived by 10:30 am and let the good times begin. Thanks Michelle and Paul for picking us up – rock stars, the both of ya! We really appreciated it a lot!! The drive to the Hamptons was uneventful and filled with laughs and plotting our visit to the 7-11, before stopping for some lunch and beer at the Southampton Publick House (decent beer selection, average food, over-the-top decorated for Halloween – not in a good way). There may also have been stops for other vitally important things like beer, rum, and maybe food. We were one of the earlier groups to arrive at Ramshackle Mansion and from the outside it looked pretty nice. Melissa gave us the tour and we picked our room in the drunken jerks wing from a solo cup. I dig it! Continue reading