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Conquering NYC…

IMG_7498Every time I return to NYC, I remember how much I love that city… not the shiny, loud, seizure-inducing “for tourist” parts like Times Square where people are always trying to sell me something… but the gritty, dirty, parts with character… brick and stone and street art and uneven sidewalks and clever uses of space… restaurant options with no meat that aren’t salad.. friendly folks that give a shit despite living in a city that the rest of the world assumes gives no fucks. Every time I leave, I instantaneously start thinking about when it will be time to go back. And now with true friends in and around the city, it’s only going to get worse …

It was another drive to NY and spend a few days in the city on the cheap kind of trip… so we left Saturday immediately after I finished market (thanks for working around my schedule Sue and Tara), stopped to fill our bellies full of Chipotle and Starbucks in Portland, and then on to our hotel in NH for the night. Left early morning on Sunday, with a belly full of pancakes, to find us some outlet mall shopping in CT on the way (and food trucks… with cupcakes … but not the giant pile of food trucks further on in CT several lanes across the other side of the interstate by the water… boo). Continue reading


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NYC Roadtrip

188 hours and counting (22 of which were spent in a car, and 14 of those will be/were spent in the gruesomely and horrifically boring state of Maine), our latest NYC road trip is nearly complete…we’re just passing I-95 mile marker 140 as i’m typing away…


WILL HOGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MATT MAYS & EL TORPEDO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THE TREWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (# of !’s not representative of anything)

The rest of the story… Continue reading