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Our Meeting with the Carnival Destiny

miami_beachOnce upon a time, a girl with chronic wanderlust and a boy who hates the snow decided to go on a little adventure (er, another adventure). With a dirty look or two for the snow that started to fall as they headed to the airport, the adventure begins…

Cheapest flights out of our province were out of Moncton this time (this was a proper holiday for relaxing, so we didn’t want to drive to and from the US before/after flying), so off we went on a 2 hour drive to the airport. It started to snow about the last 30 minutes of the drive, but I think somehow that just makes leaving the snow more rewarding. Checked in in Moncton and waited for a bit at the gate before getting called up to see the agent – without any prompting, asking, begging, threatening, or even attempts at mind control on our part, they had switched our seats on the first flight so that we could sit together. Hooray for Air Canada (and I can’t believe I said that). Flight to Toronto was uneventful, and we hit the US customs line there at a perfect time (i.e. no line up of people who can’t figure out how to queue, even with ropes guiding them). Grabbed some status quo airport food, waited a bit, and then on to the plane for Miami. Continue reading