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Our week on the Oasis of the Seas

Last winter we took our first Royal Caribbean cruise. Carnival is starting to run out of Caribbean itineraries that aren’t full of repeats for us and RC had some new ports. If you’ve read the blog or talked to me about it at all, you’ll know it was not my favourite. We had a lot of fun – thanks to great friends and fun ports. But we had a hard time getting most things sorted in advance for our group. I didn’t love the ship, I didn’t love the food, and I wasn’t in a rush to try another one.

And then Greg won a cruise with them… and having paid entirely for all of our travelling ourselves, of course we wanted something free! We thought booking a cruise we were paying for was hard with them. Booking a cruise we won was a lot harder… but you’ll have to skip ahead to the end for that rant.


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8 Day Eastern Caribbean on the Carnival Freedom

1To Florida from eastern Canada is a bit of a jaunt, and seeing that it’s winter, we left a few days in advance… drove 3 hours to Bangor, Maine and stayed at the airport Sheraton there… (travel info – $160 for the night for 4 of us – 1 room with 2 double beds… room smelled a bit gross, but overall hotel was fine and it claims to be newly renovated… bar is nice, connected by pedway to airport terminal… included up to 14 days of parking free… ours would have cost us about $90, so it worked out well for us)… we got there around 9pm their time, had a beer and went to bed… four of us travelling this time around, 3 past cruisers with Carnival (and 2 of us have been on the Freedom before), and one newby with a blue Sign&Sail card … If your card is blue, you buy the first round… rules are rules! Continue reading

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Carnival Freedom – 8 Day Western Caribbean

1We were on the May 9th sailing on the Freedom (8 night Western) out of Fort Lauderdale. This sailing normally goes to Mexico, Costa Rica, and Panama, but our itinerary got switched to Panama, Costa Rica, and Belize because of the H1N1 virus.

May 8th – Wee hours of the morning… we’re off to the local airport to catch our flight away from Florida (we have to fly west from the east coast of Canada first to a major airport before we can catch flights to other major centers) so our trip can get started… we arrive in Fort Lauderdale mid afternoon, luggage in hand… this was our 5 year anniversary trip, so we splurged on a balcony cabin on the ship and executive class flights… going to have a hard time flying cattle class again now! Continue reading