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We did Plan A! (Hurtigruten’s MS Fram)

I’m super pumped to be writing this one! I’ve wanted to try expedition cruising for a very long time, and when this chance came up, I jumped at it. So here’s the scoop.

Earlier this year, I got an invite to experience an expedition cruise with Hurtigruten. So full disclosure, Hurtigruten footed the bill for part of this trip. But you all know me… I always say what I think, so this will be a totally honest blog/review. I’ve had Hurtigruten on my radar for ages for bucket list trips to Norway and/or Antarctica and I’ve had some potential clients inquire about them. I knew I would love them and they did not disappoint.


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NYC: Extreme Broadway Edition

When your husband tells you that he’s being sent to upstate NY for a conference, the perfect response is “I’m coming too, and we’re spending a few days in NYC to visit friends!” And so we did.


After uneventful travels and an early morning departure, we were at the airport in Jersey shortly after 10am. Our awesome friend Melissa picked us up, we found some tasty Thai food for lunch, and spent the rest of the day chilling out and catching up. Continue reading


I am a slow runner who usually finishes last


Fredericton Fall Classic 10K 2016 (and photo is totally stolen from them)

I am an expert in last place. In a small group, I’m pretty much always last. In a really large group, there may be a handful of finishers that come in after me. Some days I can’t run distances I could just days before. Some days I’m so angry at myself for all the bad decisions I made in my adult life – the ones that lead to me being fat and unfit – that I could scream. Sometimes I have to stop and walk. Sometimes I have to walk most of my run. My friends are frequently well on their way back to the finish line before I have hit the half way mark. But I’m not quitting. Continue reading

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All the Adventures (Team Awesome in the Med 2016)

I’m pretty sure I’ve never titled a blog more accurately. I must have all the adventures!

This time, we took the Med by storm with loads of our awesome friends, including 10 days on the new Carnival Vista. And here we go…

(and if you just want some random tips for travelers, head right to the bottom)


Day 1 – A completely uneventful but incredibly long travel day…

It’s been a few years since our last visit to Europe and I’m always pleasantly reminded how much easier it is to fly from Canada to anywhere in the world but America (not that it’s hard, it’s more just that our main airports are kind chaotic with US customs on our own soil). We left on our midday flight to Toronto and didn’t have to touch any kind of security or customs again until we got to Athens. We had a couple of hours to kill in Toronto, so of course we had to start our holidays off right with a visit to Mill St. for some beer! Continue reading

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Quick roadie to Maine

I’m a little late putting this one up… but I always get there eventually. My gals Sue and Mich and I took advantage of the August long weekend to spend a little time roaming the roads in Maine. So Sunday after the final Market of that weekend, the gals picked me up at my parent’s place and off we headed to Maine (with a quick pitstop for a replacement pair of sunglasses first). We crossed the border at Calais instead of my normal crossing in Houlton, bought a map of Maine, hydrated Michelle, and hit the road. We stopped for blueberries at a road side stand (for me) and for beer (for Mich). Continue reading

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Iceland: Stunning landscapes, friendly folks, and chocolate covered licorice…

Whale meat and shots of Black Death at the Seabaron

Whale meat and shots of Black Death at the Seabaron

Another one of my top ten countries to visit in the world off the list… except that it’s not coming off the list. For the first time ever, a country is staying in the mix instead of being bumped to make room for another new country to move into my loosely structured top 10. Not that I visit them in order (I hate lists), but I do keep them on the radar in my head (thereby not being on paper and not being a list). And Iceland is so amazing that it’s staying on the radar for another visit… soon… ish. Here’s why… Continue reading

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My Great Japanese Adventure

A-Bomb Dome - HIroshima

A-Bomb Dome – HIroshima

Sunday, March 9th – wake up early, ready to begin the great Japanese adventure – it had been storming all day the day before, but things looked fine that morning… checked the Air Canada site a couple of hours in advance, flight is a go… hop in the shower, hop back out, flight to Toronto is now delayed by 15 minutes… no big deal, I have plenty of time to connect… have some breakfast, check flight again… now it’s cancelled… Houston, we have a problem!!! call the airport, they aren’t helpful… spend an hour on hold with Aeroplan, never get to talk to someone, give up… head to airport to see what I can do from there… chances of catching afternoon flight to Tokyo – 0 … so switch flights to Toronto to the next day and leave from another city… warn my sister not to go to Tokyo, head to SJ… visit the fam, crash at the hotel, and wait for the postponed adventure to start…

Monday – 4:30 am – en route to the SJ airport for my 6:00am flight to Toronto… flight is a go – woohoo… almost forgot my gear at the hotel – that would not have been good … crisis averted… 7:00 ish Toronto time, I’m in Toronto… flight to Tokyo, not until 3:30… could be worse… my section of the terminal has Starbucks and I have books… so I park it Continue reading