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Go everywhere. Do everything. Be random.

I have one real goal in life – to live it knowing I only get one. I want to play hard, see the world, be with people who matter, eat tasty treats, and leave with no regrets whenever that time comes around.

Don’t get me wrong, I have scads of of other goals too – and despite a fervent dislike of lists – I’ll throw some of them out here to the universe at some point. Maybe you can help with them, maybe they are yours too, or maybe we’ll do them together. It’s all part of the adventure.

This blog is for me and the people who matter in my universe. It makes me feel like I am spending more time doing smart things (I love to write and my travel blog – which will likely start to exist here too – only gets updated a few times of year). It can be life and travel goal storage. It can be foolish and fun. It will contain food and creative pursuits. It can be mine to control without an interface I hate (hopefully), stupid ads that I didn’t put there, and other stuff I’ve programmed my brain to ignore.

I’m Ange… and this is my blog.

PS: Anything that appears before this post in the list has been moved over from my previous blog elsewhere.