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England and Scotland 2019: Happy Stops, Speed Touring, Brews, and Coos

20190908_172719Someday we will learn that booking an overnight transatlantic flight for after Market on Saturday is a terrible idea – but we haven’t yet. So, market day, hurricane that shut down pretty much all the other Maritime airports but ours, Big Stop supper, and getting super drenched – and the adventure was underway. Our flight was off to Toronto without delay and it was smooth sailing once we got up above the storm. Had several hours in Toronto before our midnight-ish flight to London… so since we were already exhausted, we found beer. And walked around.

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Ireland 2019: Forty Shades of Green

When the universe throws you an opportunity for a second trip to Ireland in a six-month period, you say “thank you universe”, buy a plane ticket, and go with the flow.


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Ireland 2018: Craic and Hookers, All Around

A trip that starts with an empty seat in an exit row on a shiny new plane, with TVs that work and show free movies from this year – how could it be anything but amazing?20181006_215355And so after a crazy busy Thanksgiving market, we dumped things at the house and headed immediately to the airport… the usual boring flight to Montreal, some blah airport eats, another ice shortage at the Montreal airport (every frigging time I want an iced coffee at that airport!!!), and an overnight flight with little to no sleeping, and we arrived in Dublin early Sunday morning (our flight even got in 40 minutes early)… taxi to the hotel, dump the bags until the room is ready, and off to wander the city. Breakfast, a short walk, and a coffee… and the lovely people from the Gresham hotel call to say our room is ready – 5 hours before check in! Yay for showering! Continue reading

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All the Adventures (Team Awesome in the Med 2016)

I’m pretty sure I’ve never titled a blog more accurately. I must have all the adventures!

This time, we took the Med by storm with loads of our awesome friends, including 10 days on the new Carnival Vista. And here we go…

(and if you just want some random tips for travelers, head right to the bottom)


Day 1 – A completely uneventful but incredibly long travel day…

It’s been a few years since our last visit to Europe and I’m always pleasantly reminded how much easier it is to fly from Canada to anywhere in the world but America (not that it’s hard, it’s more just that our main airports are kind chaotic with US customs on our own soil). We left on our midday flight to Toronto and didn’t have to touch any kind of security or customs again until we got to Athens. We had a couple of hours to kill in Toronto, so of course we had to start our holidays off right with a visit to Mill St. for some beer! Continue reading

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Europe 2012 – brought to you by the letter F, the letter U, the number 1, and your eye :)

1I have to start out saying with this one that we made life long memories and had amazing times with such fantastic people that I don’t even know how I am going to do this trip justice with words and images… but I’m no quitter, so I’ll give it a go.

Also, if you’re easily offended, are looking for more fact than foolish, are a know-it-all who is considering wasting time correcting me, or just get bored when people tend to ramble… now’s the time to wander off and read the dictionary or play with your pet rocks… if you stay, don’t say I didn’t warn you.

2PS: The daily subtitles will mean nothing to you unless you were there… and maybe not even then… so accept it and move on 🙂 Continue reading

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12 Day Grand Mediterranean on the Carnival Dream (plus Rome)

1Day 1: En route to Rome – Having been swamped just about up to the minute we left on this one, I didn’t really have time to get excited about it… I was in the workshop making candles in the morning… I didn’t pack until an hour before I left for the airport… my body decided to switch to Italy’s time zone a couple of days in advance, without checking with me if it was ok… so by the time I got to Toronto, I was pretty much wrecked already… flight from here to there was uneventful… there’s nothing better than the seat beside the toilet on a small plane… ew … at least I had a delicious Ferris best ever veggie sammie en route… and some tasty seed cookies… (this is me delaying the eating of shitty airport food – a mission that was successful until Rome on the way home) Continue reading

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Finally… Europe!!!

1April 5th, 2:00 PM – the adventure begins. We leave Fredericton in a frigging snowstorm, and hit the TransCanada to Woodstock behind a plow in each lane. We pass about 15 cars in the ditch, and people are lane hopping despite all of us being stuck behind these plows. No issues at the border and we’re off to Maine – the way life should be. We stop at the Big Stop in Houlton for some supper and then continue on to Bangor.

Bangor TravelLodge – AVOID IT AT ALL POSSIBLE COSTS!!! What a shithole! Thankfully we were only there for one night. We make a quick trip to Old Navy, and call it an early night. Dunkin Donuts breakfast, some very brief shopping, Applebee’s for lunch (yum), back to the shithole, leave the car, and cab to the airport. We have about 2 hours to wait for our flight – and for the record, there’s nothing to do at the Bangor Airport. We get a drink and watch some planes – very exciting I know. Continue reading