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Boston 2013 and a Complete Lack of an Interesting Title

I’ve been writing these blogs mostly because I like to write and since I always keep too much on sowaplate (and on Greg’s too for that matter), I’ll never get around to writing a novel or something… and because someday we might want to look back at the adventures we’ve had over the years… what’s been completely surprising to me is how much people seem to get a kick out of them… and I dig it! So here’s this year’s Boston adventure…

Because being a farmers market vendor can sometimes impair one’s brain (giving up all Friday nights of life, getting up early, all the lugging… you know), we felt it was a good idea to drive to Boston directly following market on Saturday… so having been up since 4am for market, around 2pm after we had unloaded like whirlwinds at the house, we hopped in the car and headed south… Long weekend equaled the longest line we’ve ever seen at the border… we waited about an hour (yes, yes, those who live in big cities, this is likely no wait at all… but there’s normally no more than a couple of cars for us… we are crossing into Maine afterall… there was even three lines open, and that’s unheard of… )… Continue reading

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Boston 2012 – Red Sox rebuilding edition

1We’re back from another baseball in Boston adventure, and we had a great time… we made a point of seeking out places we’ve never before and it was nice to see some other parts of the city.

Left Thursday morning in beautiful sunny weather. Stopped for coffee, gas, lunch (Whole Foods… mmmm smoothie), etc in Portland and that was pretty much all the stopping we did. Got to our hotel in Boston (same one as always – Holiday Inn Somerville) around 4:00. Rested a bit and played on our devices, and then wandered off to find some food. We walked from our hotel down to Union Square and found a thai place (Sweet Ginger). Food was fine. I’ve never been to Thailand, so I have no idea if it was even remotely authentic, but it tasted good. Stopped and checked out the Swirl & Slice market on the way back to the hotel, and got some tasty kale juice. We didn’t do much else for the rest of the night… just some relaxing, which was much needed. Continue reading

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Wandering the west coast… our visit to Seattle

1Off again on another adventure… this time chasing the Red Sox to Seattle (i.e. using wanting to see some baseball as a reason to visit another city on our list). As always, we set off fairly early… we flew with points this time, and so ended up with the completely foolish route of Moncton to Halifax to Toronto to Seattle. So we made the 2 hour drive to Moncton early in the morning so we could drop off some candles for a customer there at Chocolate River Station (if you haven’t been, it’s a neat spot – Ganong Chocolatier Shoppe and Briggs Maple – our customers – are there, as well as Olivier soap). Had a quick bite at the airport, and joined the 5 other passengers for the excruciatingly long 30 minute flight to Halifax. It was a neat flight actually, since a plane that small (it maybe held 15-18) doesn’t have a door on the cockpit, and Greg and I were in the front… so we could watch the pilots and see out the windshield (or whatever they are called on planes). Pretty neat. Continue reading

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Boston 2011: July 4th, beer and baseball, and sun, GLORIOUS SUN!

1So for anyone who hasn’t figured it out yet, Greg and I are Red Sox fans (I’m newer, pre reversing the curse enough to not be a bandwagon hopper, but without all the battle scars… Greg has been his whole life). Every year, we’re usually lucky enough to make the trek down to Boston to visit my favourite place in the entire USA… FENWAY PARK!!! So here’s our 2011 Boston adventure… a pretty quick one, but a great one all the same. Continue reading

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Rock, rain, beer, and baseball in New England

1This isn’t really an uncommon trip for us, since we tend to make a trip down to Fenway at least once a year… we left in the wee hours of Friday morning… breakfast at a truck stop in Houlton after an uneventful border crossing, a stop for coffee at the start of the I-295, overpriced seafood lunch in Kittery (and a chocolate stop 🙂 … and on to spend a couple of days visiting the in-laws in NH. Weekend was uneventful… spent most of the time amusing two toddlers… we went to some uninteresting farm thing that doubles as a state park…though the trails up and around it might have been interesting, we didn’t see much of them… and to some indoor play place/science center because it was raining… (great idea if you are a kid, less interesting when you are an adult without kids and starving… but the kids loved it, and that’s all that matters really)… Sat night we headed to Mansfield MA to catch Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers (my favourite!!) at the Comcast Center. I love that venue for a concert (well, I don’t love the hour it takes to get a car out of there afterwards, but otherwise I love it). I also find it amusing that Americans tailgate at concerts…and that we don’t really… and I’m not sure why… I blame the gov’t. Went to a place called Five Guys for burgers one afternoon… really great, with ingredients sourced local and stuff… Continue reading

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Red Sox Destination: San Francisco

1In the wee hours of Tuesday morning, we set off on another adventure… and once again, because it involved a plane, we had to be at the airport long before it’s decent to be awake… so we could catch a flight to a real airport with more than one gate (OK, technically we have “four” but they all go out the same door)… and then off we go… about 14 hours in transit (in which we especially enjoyed that the tvs in the back half of the plane didn’t work for the 5.5 hour flight from Toronto to San Francisco, and the stewardesses gave up trying to figure out why fairly quickly), and a 4 hour time difference, and we’re in San Francisco and to our hotel (Marriott Marquis on 4th street) mid afternoon… and we’re pooped already…

We wander off to explore the city for a while, because if we rest now, we’re doomed for the trip… first thing we note is that home is currently a lot warmer than San Francisco… and since we live on the east coast of Canada… we didn’t really expect it to be warmer than California… oh well… we can handle whatever the weather throws at us, and we did… Continue reading

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Red Sox Destination: Chicago

1We were both were pretty excited about this trip… we booked an “official” Red Sox Destination trip and neither of us had been to Chicago before. Not that we don’t love Boston and Fenway, but we wanted to see another city.

Drive from home to Bangor was pretty uneventful, except being pulled over at the border and having the car searched. It’s not like we had anything in the car that we shouldn’t have had, but I was STARVING and we were planning to eat in Houlton. I think the boys at the border were just jealous of all the sports we were about to enjoy. All flights were uneventful… were checked into the hotel in Chicago (Marriott Downtown Magnificent Mile) by 6:00 their time. Had some supper at ESPN zone (they really give you too much food for one person) and then went back to the hotel to relax for the night… Continue reading

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Weekend Roadtrip to Boston

17:30 am on Friday… off we head to Boston. No issues crossing the border, quick stop in Houlton for crappy Tim Hortons (pass) and away we go… stop again in Portland for lunch… we were going to go to Ginger Pad in the Maine Mall, but it’s closed now apparently… hit the Lindt store (mmmm spicy chocolate bars, conveniently all 50% off that day) and Bath and Body Works.. lunch at Macaroni Grill… starting to hate chain restaurants, but that one is fine (though the food is saltier than we would eat in real life for sure)… a quick stop an Hannafords for some fruit (though I also came out with 3 bags of organic coffee 🙂 … a wrong turn in Portland combined with construction delays us for a bit, but we’re off again… we finally hit our hotel in Boston (Holiday Inn Somerville – a few mins walk from the T orange line, FREE PARKING, reasonably nice, free shuttle to close attractions)… Continue reading