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I’m Ange and this is my blog.

I discovered a long time ago that I pretty much want to see and do everything… but I thought I would set a more realistic goal to begin… 40 countries before I turn 40 and as many friends as I can make along the way… I reached my goal in July of 2013 (with 3 years to spare) with many great friends in Amsterdam… but wanderlust doesn’t just stop at 40 (especially now that I work in travel).

So here’s where I’ve been: Austria, Hungary, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Germany, Italy, Spain, Croatia, Japan, Panama, Costa Rica, Mexico, Belize, Honduras, Vatican City, St. Maarten/St. Martin, St. Lucia, St. Kitts and Nevis, the Bahamas, the British Virgin Islands, Antigua and Barbuda, Grenada, Dominica, Bonaire, Aruba, Jamaica, Turkey, Greece, Monaco, Turks and Caicos, Cuba, England, Denmark, Finland, Estonia, Russia, the Netherlands, Iceland, Barbados, Curacao, Dominican Republic, Haiti, France, Malta, Bermuda, Ireland, Northern Ireland, Colombia, Wales, Scotland, America, and Canada… I’ve also been to the Cayman Islands (technically a British territory I believe).

My top ten of places I would like to see next, in no specific order: Antarctica, Chile, New Zealand, Jordan, Norway, Egypt, Peru, Argentina, Greenland, and Romania.

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