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In need of the fountain of youth, a big lottery win, and/or the TARDIS… a travel plan


Alright. I’m giving in. I hate lists. I mean I really, truly hate them. Even a grocery list feels like it’s stealing a little bit of my soul. Lists equal work and I work hard enough already.

But I’m losing track in my head and I have a lot of things I want to do and see before my adventure ends. So I’m gonna get organized and keep track. Or try to. Or try to enough without sucking the spontaneity out of adventuring in the first place.

We also seem to be collecting UNESCO sites, Olympic Parks, and beer – so they live indefinitely on the list.

Feel free to chime in with suggestions. If I’m going to make a list, it might as well be an epic one!

It’s on the list… Memorable moments…
Hiking the Inca trail to Machu Picchu – Peru Climbing the leaning tower of Pisa – Italy
Chillin’ on the grass and admiring Stonehenge – England Visiting the ruins of Pompeii – Italy
Taking a selfie with a giant face at Easter Island – Chile Hiking in the rainforest and hunting poison frogs – Costa Rica
Exploring the rock sites in Cappadocia – Turkey Admiring the light inside the Sagrada Familia – Spain
New Zealand – so much that I’m just listing the country Mock sword fighting in a Tallinn alley – Estonia
Sipping tasty beverages at sundown on Mykonos and/or Santorini – Greece Visiting the Vatican without stabbing anyone – Vatican City
Exploring my own country in Newfoundland – Canada Watching ships go through the Panana Canal – Panama
Hiking in Sequoia National Park – California Climbing to the top of the city in Athens – Greece
Visiting Neuschwanstein Castle – Germany Swimming with sting rays – Cayman Islands
Visiting the Aran Islands – Ireland Sharing an ice cream with a deer in Miyajima – Japan
Drinking a Fuller beer at an English pub – England Hopping town to town in Cinque Terre – Italy
Taking the Guinness tour in Dublin – Ireland Exploring the Fisherman’s Bastion in Budapest – Hungary
Visiting a French market – France Drinking beers as big as our heads at the Hofbrauhaus – Germany
Walking the Great Wall – China Strolling along the Charles Bridge in Prague at night – Czech Republic
Taking fun pictures at a sand dune Visiting lipizzaner stallions in Vienna – Austria
Checking out the Terra Cotta Warriors – China Boating around the glacier lagoon – Iceland
Exploring Angkor Wat – Cambodia Relaxing on the beach at Jost Van Dyke – BVI
Taking a cooking class – Thailand Cruising the Danube at night – Hungary
Visiting the bone church (Sedlec Ossuary) – Czech Republic Dinner and drinks at a private winery – Austria
Exploring Chichen Itza and other sites – Mexico Drinking real Budweiser beer in Bratislava – Slovakia
Checking out Zhangye Danxia Landform – China Learning to cook – Mexico
Admiring the reflections at Salar de Uyuni – Bolivia Local eats and the best ever ginger beer – Antigua
Walking in Hitachi seaside park – Japan Island touring – Bonaire
Exploring caves in Algrave – Portugal Watching pals get drunk at a winery in Sicily (twice) – Italy
Bathing in the hot springs at Pamukkale – Turkey Having a roadside picnic in Sardinia – Italy
Browsing the Grand Bazaar – Istanbul Eating fresh apricots for dessert – Turkey
Enjoying the beautiful lavender fields – France Dover castle and sailing past the white cliffs – England
And the sunflower fields in Tuscany – Italy Taking a break to play with the cats in the sanctuary in Rome – Italy
And the tulip fields – Netherlands Chowing down on the best ever feta cheese – Greece
Chillin’ in a hut above the water – Bora Bora Stopping to admire the view at the Temple of Poseidon – Greece
Sailing through the Norwegian Fjords Skipping the boring stuff and going right to the brewery – Finland
Visiting a small fishing town – Greenland Enjoying freshly caught seafood – Croatia
Enjoying the scenery of the Faroe Islands Feasting on Georgian food in St. Petersburg – Russia
Strolling through the Tunnel of Love in Kleven – Ukraine Pancakes and beer – Estonia
Climbing in Fingal’s Cave – Scotland Experiencing Anne Frank House – Netherlands
Visiting the pyramids and seeing a whirling dervish – Egypt Strolling along the canals in Amsterdam – Netherlands
Hiking in Valley of Fire State Park – Nevada Enjoying the views of geysers and beyond – Iceland
Exploring in Hawaii Relaxing at the Blue Lagoon – Iceland
Dog-sledding in Alaska Eating our way through Seattle – USA
Seeing the northern lights Eating our way through Chicago – USA
Visiting with the turtles – Galapagos Islands Visiting Alcatraz and the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco – USA
Staying in an ice hotel and a castle Enjoying Broadway and Chelsea Market in NYC – USA
Checking out Carnival in Rio de Janeiro – Brazil Exploring the canals and canal-side dining in Venice – Italy
Visiting Bran Castle – Romania Scoring a nutmeg haul – Grenada
Partaking in Oktoberfest – Germany Playing in the Emerald Pool – Dominica
Visiting the spice markets – Morocco Sailing into/out of Panama, New Orleans, Amsterdam
Driving to the Florida keys Cheering for sumo wrestlers – Japan
Returning to Iceland Admiring stunning displays of flowers and ichebana – Japan
Staying in a tree house Beer in baseball in several cities – Go Sox!
Exploring the Rockies and visiting the other coast – Canada
Visiting Lake Bled – Slovenia
Learning about history at Auschwitz – Poland

Caution: All lists subject to change at all times and items appear currently in no specific order.

PS: You’ll have to wait for the pictures until after we complete the adventures. We may not get through them all, but we’re going to make a valiant effort! Stay tuned…


3 thoughts on “In need of the fountain of youth, a big lottery win, and/or the TARDIS… a travel plan

  1. I see that there are many things on your “to do” list that match ours!!! We are ready to check some of them off of the list with y’all. 🙂

  2. Amazing list!!! And enjoyed the good memories portion (I’m pretending I was in a few haha!)

    Some similar “to-go’s” and some jealousy of your “good memories” of places that are on my list.

    For Hawaii – while I’m sure all islands are great – I died and went to heaven in Kauai. I’d move there for a spell or two if I could and become a rooster handler lol

    Other suggestion that sounds kind of fun and I didn’t do it when I was closer to it and have always regretted it – white sands New Mexico desert – sand dunes midnight photography bicycle ride and morning photo shoot

    My short term if I was rich list:

    Isle of Skye – Scotland – my peeps yo!

    Hut with glass bottomed floor – Maldives or bora bora (I hear easier/cheaper but just as nice to do in Maldives)

    Private sailing island to island – Caribbean (sail boat) – my retirement in 20 yrs!

    Desert camping – anywhere

    Istanbul – anything !

    Morrocco – just because

    Galapagos – although I might try to adopt all the animals and put them in my suitcase

    Canada west/arctic road trip – northern lights, mountains, wilderness

    Ice hotel – (was debating mid feb in Quebec City. Good deal. But I’ll be lazy and cheap lol – next year)

    New Zealand – would need a month to just chill/explore lol

    These aren’t in order of preference/priority – you know me – I go wherever, especially if there’s a trip looking for additional people!

    Very inspiring / uplifting lady!



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