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Quick roadie to Maine

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I’m a little late putting this one up… but I always get there eventually. My gals Sue and Mich and I took advantage of the August long weekend to spend a little time roaming the roads in Maine. So Sunday after the final Market of that weekend, the gals picked me up at my parent’s place and off we headed to Maine (with a quick pitstop for a replacement pair of sunglasses first). We crossed the border at Calais instead of my normal crossing in Houlton, bought a map of Maine, hydrated Michelle, and hit the road. We stopped for blueberries at a road side stand (for me) and for beer (for Mich).

We made pretty good time to our motel – Bay Leaf Cottages – pretty quickly and then headed back out to find some grub. We hit a seafood place a few minutes down the road from the motel. Food was ok. Had a little walk on the 2beach and headed back. Drank some beer back at the motel and then called it a night. The motel was fine. Not horribly organized since they keep changing their story about our room when talking to Michelle, and yelling at your staff with customers around isn’t really cool (awkward), but it was clean enough, grounds were nice, and the wifi mostly worked.

We headed out Monday morning to Portland to do a bit of shopping, including a goose chase for metal washers for my Dad. iHop for Breakfast, a quick trip to the mall, found some washers at Mardens, Starbucks, Chipotle for lunch, quick stop at Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods for supplies at better prices than I can get here, and then off to Freeport. Hit all my faves, got more coffee, and headed back towards the motel in Lincolnville.4

We stopped to walk around in Camden and to have some supper at Cappy’s… mmm tasty chowder and the placemat was even entertaining. There may have been a bakery stop involved. Walked around a bit and headed back to the inn.

Last day in Maine, and we decided to check out some lighthouses, Bar Harbor, and Acadia National Park on the way home. Lighthouses are awesome and Maine has loads of them, so we checked out Fort Point and Dice Head. Bar Harbor is not my kind of place (tourist trap with no parking)… but I did check out a bakery and get an icy coffee drink that was good), and Acadia was beautiful and definitely worth a visit. We also stopped to check out the Penobscot Narrows Observatory and Fort Knox.


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