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Searching for sunshine on the Sunshine

Days 1 & 2 – How to get from Canada to New Orleans in 40 easy stepsboston

Step 1: Leave Canada on a Thursday afternoon and drive to Maine ahead of impending snow storm (and by snow storm, I mean flurries… because Maine didn’t get a snow storm and we’re from Canadia). 
Step 2: Kill time in Maine by eating, going to the mall to search for snow shoes, and going to Starbucks because the hotel at the airport is boring. 
Step 3: Check in at airport hotel. Be appreciative when the mister at the desk gives you a deal on the rate for no reason. Share chocolate with him as thanks. 
Step 4: Wonder why you have a couple of missed calls on your cell that was turned off coming from a US number – only to figure it out when you check your email and discover that two of your three flights for the following day are cancelled. 

pralinesStep 5: Call Delta to get the news that they can’t get you out on a flight until Sunday, probably just in time to miss your cruise ship. Book those flights to hold them… for now.
Step 6: Say eff it for the night, watch the Bruins game, crush some candies, and go to bed.
Step 7: Plot how you are getting to New Orleans while trying to fall asleep.
Step 8: Wander over to the airport to see if there’s anyone actually at the Delta counter – there is not.
Step 9: Eat some food.
Step 10: Call Delta again and spend an hour plus on the phone trying to find a way to New Orleans from any airport within a 5 hour drive that can get us there before Sunday. Finally decide on Boston.
Step 11: Rent a car.
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