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Boston 2013 and a Complete Lack of an Interesting Title

I’ve been writing these blogs mostly because I like to write and since I always keep too much on sowaplate (and on Greg’s too for that matter), I’ll never get around to writing a novel or something… and because someday we might want to look back at the adventures we’ve had over the years… what’s been completely surprising to me is how much people seem to get a kick out of them… and I dig it! So here’s this year’s Boston adventure…

Because being a farmers market vendor can sometimes impair one’s brain (giving up all Friday nights of life, getting up early, all the lugging… you know), we felt it was a good idea to drive to Boston directly following market on Saturday… so having been up since 4am for market, around 2pm after we had unloaded like whirlwinds at the house, we hopped in the car and headed south… Long weekend equaled the longest line we’ve ever seen at the border… we waited about an hour (yes, yes, those who live in big cities, this is likely no wait at all… but there’s normally no more than a couple of cars for us… we are crossing into Maine afterall… there was even three lines open, and that’s unheard of… )… Continue reading