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40 Countries, 40 Beer, and Rockin’ the Baltics

I think I generally start most of my blogs with something along the lines of “We’re off again onparliament another adventure”… then I make some snide comment about how we live in a place with shit airport services… and then I start rambling… and while we did go on an awesome adventure, and while we do have shit air services… let’s go a slightly different route this time.

Two members of our travel family ended their vacation with tragic news… we’re all heartbroken for them and wish we could do anything at all to help and nothing we feel holds a candle to how they must be feeling… so while you’re reading this blog, if anything makes you laugh or smile, send those positive vibes to our friends. And when I’m being snarky – let’s face it, we all know it’s bound to happen – just carry on 🙂 Continue reading