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Luck, schmuck! Why anyone can travel more…

We’re not travelling again until January, and I feel the need to blog about something. So here goes…

I love frappuccinos... but I love travelling more!

I love frappuccinos… but I love travelling more!

I tend to try not to let things get to me… namely because they generally don’t really matter and I’m a pretty laid back sort… but I admit there’s one thing I find incredibly annoying… one simple statement…

“You’re lucky you get to travel so much.”

For starters… I don’t believe in luck. Maybe things happen for a reason, maybe they don’t, but there’s absolutely no luck involved in this equation.

Greg and I (well, I have, and Greg is awesome and accommodating, and really is only pretending he doesn’t love visiting all the places we go to) have made the conscious decision to make travelling a priority in our universe. We’ve paid for every flight we’ve taken, every hotel we’ve stayed in, every bus/train/subway/boat ride we’ve been on, and every beer we’ve drank (well, maybe not EVERY beer… we do tend to hang in groups of people who buy rounds). We’ve not won any vacations, we’ve not been sponsored by travel companies to come and visit their resort/hotel/tourist attraction in trade for a positive plug on a blog (for the record, I’m not completely adverse to this… hint, hint), we never get to travel anywhere for work, and we don’t come from old money. We haven’t sold everything we own so we can be nomads (though admittedly I do think about this pretty often), we work within the confines of the holidays we get from our day jobs, and we love every minute travelling we do. Continue reading