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Wandering the west coast… our visit to Seattle

1Off again on another adventure… this time chasing the Red Sox to Seattle (i.e. using wanting to see some baseball as a reason to visit another city on our list). As always, we set off fairly early… we flew with points this time, and so ended up with the completely foolish route of Moncton to Halifax to Toronto to Seattle. So we made the 2 hour drive to Moncton early in the morning so we could drop off some candles for a customer there at Chocolate River Station (if you haven’t been, it’s a neat spot – Ganong Chocolatier Shoppe and Briggs Maple – our customers – are there, as well as Olivier soap). Had a quick bite at the airport, and joined the 5 other passengers for the excruciatingly long 30 minute flight to Halifax. It was a neat flight actually, since a plane that small (it maybe held 15-18) doesn’t have a door on the cockpit, and Greg and I were in the front… so we could watch the pilots and see out the windshield (or whatever they are called on planes). Pretty neat. Continue reading