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7 Day Southern Caribbean Explorer on the Caribbean Princess

1Off we headed again on another adventure… this time with some different travel companions (our friends Alice and Bill, as well as Deb and her mom Anna) and on a different cruise line… trying Princess for the first time (because we got a wicked deal and it had great ports)… but the start of the journey just about always starts out the same. Drove to Maine on Saturday, puttered around a bit, had a fairly undelicious supper at Longhorn, and played around on the ipad and read some while everyone else watched hockey playoffs in the hotel room. Headed across the pedway early in the morning to catch our 7am flight to Philadelphia. Philly’s airport is one of my least favorite ever (well, the section of Terminal F where we always seem to start out is)… had just enough time to get from F to A (via a long walk from C because that’s the only place the shuttle bus ran to – not sure if it’s because it was Easter Sunday or if that’s just the way it is). Had some expensive and not very tasty airport food, and boarded what looked to be a shiny new US Airways plane to San Juan, Puerto Rico. Flight was about 4 hours, they only sold junk food (which they call “snacks”), and the TVs either didn’t work or required a credit card to operate them. The stewards and stewardesses didn’t mention them. Flight was uneventful. Continue reading