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Red Sox Destination: San Francisco

1In the wee hours of Tuesday morning, we set off on another adventure… and once again, because it involved a plane, we had to be at the airport long before it’s decent to be awake… so we could catch a flight to a real airport with more than one gate (OK, technically we have “four” but they all go out the same door)… and then off we go… about 14 hours in transit (in which we especially enjoyed that the tvs in the back half of the plane didn’t work for the 5.5 hour flight from Toronto to San Francisco, and the stewardesses gave up trying to figure out why fairly quickly), and a 4 hour time difference, and we’re in San Francisco and to our hotel (Marriott Marquis on 4th street) mid afternoon… and we’re pooped already…

We wander off to explore the city for a while, because if we rest now, we’re doomed for the trip… first thing we note is that home is currently a lot warmer than San Francisco… and since we live on the east coast of Canada… we didn’t really expect it to be warmer than California… oh well… we can handle whatever the weather throws at us, and we did… Continue reading