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Weekend Roadtrip to Boston

17:30 am on Friday… off we head to Boston. No issues crossing the border, quick stop in Houlton for crappy Tim Hortons (pass) and away we go… stop again in Portland for lunch… we were going to go to Ginger Pad in the Maine Mall, but it’s closed now apparently… hit the Lindt store (mmmm spicy chocolate bars, conveniently all 50% off that day) and Bath and Body Works.. lunch at Macaroni Grill… starting to hate chain restaurants, but that one is fine (though the food is saltier than we would eat in real life for sure)… a quick stop an Hannafords for some fruit (though I also came out with 3 bags of organic coffee 🙂 … a wrong turn in Portland combined with construction delays us for a bit, but we’re off again… we finally hit our hotel in Boston (Holiday Inn Somerville – a few mins walk from the T orange line, FREE PARKING, reasonably nice, free shuttle to close attractions)… Continue reading