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Weekend away in Alma

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1I’ve lived in NB pretty much my whole life, but I’m realizing every year there’s more and more places I haven’t been yet… so for our anniversary weekend every year, Greg and I have taken to exploring NB. This year we spent Friday-Monday in Alma near Fundy National Park. Greg and I both love small towns, especially ones by the water… and we have it in our heads that we will be moving to one, on a farm, sometime in the not-too-distant future.. so this was a great weekend.

I really like the small town feel where everyone knows everyone else… and people all meet around simple places like a gas station for a coffee or whatever… since we own a business that works with tourism, a move to somewhere like this would work for us I’m sure… and we’re pretty simple people, so we don’t 2need a lot of stuff to be content… (we didn’t look at properties or anything while we were there, but Greg did some snooping on the real estate sites when we got home)… I miss living by water

Left from here Friday mid-afternoon… uneventful drive, except for the construction on the highway that goes through Fundy Park (and we also got stuck behind someone who couldn’t go faster than 10 on a dirt road, and there was no way around them)… checked in in Alma mid-afternoon… we stayed at the Cliffside Suites and Cottages… We had the Matthew’s Head suite… it was a nice and big with a view of the Bay of Fundy through tons of windows… it was a bit noisy since there was two other suites in the building and the owners live upstairs, but very nice… decorated old school though, complete with denim comforter and chatchkis all over. We had supper at the Tides Restaurant and the food was pretty good there. We picked up some groceries at a dirty little grocery type spot and some beer and headed back to our suite for the night. The weather came and went all weekend, but we didn’t actually get all that much rain… just lots of fog.3

Saturday morning we spent at our suite just relaxing before we headed to Sussex for the afternoon… we stopped at the Tides restaurant again for lunch this time… really great roasted red pepper and tomato soup… and checked out the bakery… I love baking, and I’m pretty friggin’ good at it, so I am always disappointed with bakeries… especially since we don’t normally eat white flour, use shortening and all that kind of thing… we got some cookies.. they were fine, but mine are better 😛 apparently they are famous for sticky buns, but I don’t like those… visited with Greg’s family for a bit, hit a real grocery store to buy something to cook up for supper, and then headed back to Alma. We stopped for homemade ice cream on the way back… Famous McCabe’s or something like that… I always see the sign for it on the highway, but have never stopped.. it was good, but we likely wouldn’t stop again… too expensive and the place is pretty dumpy… and the guy that was working trapped us in conversation for way longer than we would have liked since there wasn’t any other customers… ate back at the suite, and then walked around on the beach at low tide… there was a giant pile of rocks for Greg to climb, so he was happy

4Sunday, after breakfast, we headed down to the beach again since the tide was way out… walked around there for a couple of hours… picked up some lobster for supper… and had some lunch… spent the afternoon trekking around in Fundy Park… we picked trails with waterfalls for the most part, and went down and spent some time on the beach… The weather was great… then back to the suite for a sweet feed of lobster and corn for supper… so much lobster we couldn’t even eat it all in one sitting 🙂 I’d never been to Fundy before, so that was a lot of fun and I can’t wait to go back. I love hiking… and Greg always carries my camera gear for me 🙂

Back to reality Monday morning since we both had to work, so we left from there fairly early and were back by 10.


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