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My Great Japanese Adventure

A-Bomb Dome - HIroshima

A-Bomb Dome – HIroshima

Sunday, March 9th – wake up early, ready to begin the great Japanese adventure – it had been storming all day the day before, but things looked fine that morning… checked the Air Canada site a couple of hours in advance, flight is a go… hop in the shower, hop back out, flight to Toronto is now delayed by 15 minutes… no big deal, I have plenty of time to connect… have some breakfast, check flight again… now it’s cancelled… Houston, we have a problem!!! call the airport, they aren’t helpful… spend an hour on hold with Aeroplan, never get to talk to someone, give up… head to airport to see what I can do from there… chances of catching afternoon flight to Tokyo – 0 … so switch flights to Toronto to the next day and leave from another city… warn my sister not to go to Tokyo, head to SJ… visit the fam, crash at the hotel, and wait for the postponed adventure to start…

Monday – 4:30 am – en route to the SJ airport for my 6:00am flight to Toronto… flight is a go – woohoo… almost forgot my gear at the hotel – that would not have been good … crisis averted… 7:00 ish Toronto time, I’m in Toronto… flight to Tokyo, not until 3:30… could be worse… my section of the terminal has Starbucks and I have books… so I park it Continue reading