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Finally… Europe!!!

1April 5th, 2:00 PM – the adventure begins. We leave Fredericton in a frigging snowstorm, and hit the TransCanada to Woodstock behind a plow in each lane. We pass about 15 cars in the ditch, and people are lane hopping despite all of us being stuck behind these plows. No issues at the border and we’re off to Maine – the way life should be. We stop at the Big Stop in Houlton for some supper and then continue on to Bangor.

Bangor TravelLodge – AVOID IT AT ALL POSSIBLE COSTS!!! What a shithole! Thankfully we were only there for one night. We make a quick trip to Old Navy, and call it an early night. Dunkin Donuts breakfast, some very brief shopping, Applebee’s for lunch (yum), back to the shithole, leave the car, and cab to the airport. We have about 2 hours to wait for our flight – and for the record, there’s nothing to do at the Bangor Airport. We get a drink and watch some planes – very exciting I know. Continue reading