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In need of the fountain of youth, a big lottery win, and/or the TARDIS… a travel plan

Alright. I’m giving in. I hate lists. I mean I really, truly hate them. Even a grocery list feels like it’s stealing a little bit of my soul. Lists equal work and I work hard enough already.

But I’m losing track in my head and I have a lot of things I want to do and see before my adventure ends. So I’m gonna get organized and keep track. Or try to. Or try to enough without sucking the spontaneity out of adventuring in the first place.

We also seem to be collecting UNESCO sites, Olympic Parks, and beer – so they live indefinitely on the list.

Feel free to chime in with suggestions. If I’m going to make a list, it might as well be an epic one! Continue reading

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Ramshackle mansion, the big apple, rainbows, and unicorns…

Last adventure of the year, and here’s how it went…

ramshackle_mansionDay 1 – En route to Ramshackle Mansion…

Woke up in the wee hours of the morning, drove to the airport in our city (mark it on a calendar, we got to fly from home for a change, without having to remortgage the house), flew to Montreal, had breakfast and coffee, flew to NY, arrived by 10:30 am and let the good times begin. Thanks Michelle and Paul for picking us up – rock stars, the both of ya! We really appreciated it a lot!! The drive to the Hamptons was uneventful and filled with laughs and plotting our visit to the 7-11, before stopping for some lunch and beer at the Southampton Publick House (decent beer selection, average food, over-the-top decorated for Halloween – not in a good way). There may also have been stops for other vitally important things like beer, rum, and maybe food. We were one of the earlier groups to arrive at Ramshackle Mansion and from the outside it looked pretty nice. Melissa gave us the tour and we picked our room in the drunken jerks wing from a solo cup. I dig it! Continue reading

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Quick roadie to Maine

I’m a little late putting this one up… but I always get there eventually. My gals Sue and Mich and I took advantage of the August long weekend to spend a little time roaming the roads in Maine. So Sunday after the final Market of that weekend, the gals picked me up at my parent’s place and off we headed to Maine (with a quick pitstop for a replacement pair of sunglasses first). We crossed the border at Calais instead of my normal crossing in Houlton, bought a map of Maine, hydrated Michelle, and hit the road. We stopped for blueberries at a road side stand (for me) and for beer (for Mich). Continue reading

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Iceland: Stunning landscapes, friendly folks, and chocolate covered licorice…

Whale meat and shots of Black Death at the Seabaron

Whale meat and shots of Black Death at the Seabaron

Another one of my top ten countries to visit in the world off the list… except that it’s not coming off the list. For the first time ever, a country is staying in the mix instead of being bumped to make room for another new country to move into my loosely structured top 10. Not that I visit them in order (I hate lists), but I do keep them on the radar in my head (thereby not being on paper and not being a list). And Iceland is so amazing that it’s staying on the radar for another visit… soon… ish. Here’s why… Continue reading


Our countdown to Iceland is on…

We have 17 more sleeps to Iceland!

We have incredibly busy lives, and I think sometimes it amazes our family and friends how unexcited we may seem about all our adventures… but I can assure you, we’re excited on the inside (while looking exhausted on the outside :))

I’ve been itching to blog about something (I started something about travel douches that I may get back to at some point) and I’m sure you’ll get an earful (eyeful?!) once we get back from our trip. But in the meantime I’ve decided to babble on about how we plan our adventures… because people have asked, more than once, and while I make no claim to be any kind of expert, here’s how we approached this one. Bear in mind, I am not one of those neurotic planners that have things down to the minute daily… it may work for some, but it sounds like a personal form of hell to me :) Continue reading

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Fredericton Craft Beer Fest 2014… cause beer is delicious and nutritious!

I have cool friends.

ImageMy cool friends do some pretty cool shit… like organizing a local craft beer fest for charity (and raising $14000+ for the Canadian Diabetes Association while giving Frederictonians a fun event to attend during this winter that just won’t end). And in an effort to blog about more than just travelling around the world, I’m giving blogging about travelling 20 minutes from my house into town to check out year two of this super fun event a go. Continue reading

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Go everywhere. Do everything. Be random.

I have one real goal in life – to live it knowing I only get one. I want to play hard, see the world, be with people who matter, eat tasty treats, and leave with no regrets whenever that time comes around.

Don’t get me wrong, I have scads of of other goals too – and despite a fervent dislike of lists – I’ll throw some of them out here to the universe at some point. Maybe you can help with them, maybe they are yours too, or maybe we’ll do them together. It’s all part of the adventure.

This blog is for me and the people who matter in my universe. It makes me feel like I am spending more time doing smart things (I love to write and my travel blog – which will likely start to exist here too – only gets updated a few times of year). It can be life and travel goal storage. It can be foolish and fun. It will contain food and creative pursuits. It can be mine to control without an interface I hate (hopefully), stupid ads that I didn’t put there, and other stuff I’ve programmed my brain to ignore.

I’m Ange… and this is my blog.

PS: Anything that appears before this post in the list has been moved over from my previous blog elsewhere.



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